Teacher Cards

Teachers are special people doing very important work. Your Plain City Public Library wants to help in your quest to educate our community’s youth! One way we do this is to offer educators responsible for a full-time classroom, instructors in state licensed preschools and day care facilities, and homeschoolers a special library card. Some of the features of this card include a nine week loan period and exemption from overdue fees. For the complete policy and to apply for your own teacher card, please visit the Circulation Desk or give them a call at 614-873-4912, ext. 121.

Teacher Collections

We are happy to put together a collection for you with at least 3 business days’ notice. These collections can include materials of any format to support a specific topic or area of study. Collection requests can be faxed, emailed, called in, or dropped off at the library.

Teacher Collection Form

Assignment Alerts

In order to more effectively help your students, PCPL has introduced Assignment Alerts, a fast and effective way to alert librarians to projects and papers that have been assigned in your classroom. Simply fill out the Assignment Alert form and return it to the library in person, by phone, fax, or email so that PCPL librarians can be informed and prepared to help your students.

Assignment Alert Form

Email the Youth Services Librarian regarding an Assignment Alert