Levy Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Levy RENEWAL, Vote-by-Mail before April 28, 2020.
NOT a new tax. NO NEW TAX

The Ohio primary election has been altered to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Ohioans can vote by absentee ballot until April 28. Mail-in absentee ballots must be postmarked by April 27th to be counted. You must request your absentee ballot via mail or over the phone in order to receive your ballot by mail.
Request your absentee ballot on the Secretary of State website at www.voteohio.gov.

Plain City Public Library by the numbers…

  • 55% of the library’s annual funding in 2019 came from a local property tax levy
  • 42% came from state funds
  • All other income like donations, grants and miscellaneous fees make up about 3%


Why is this levy renewal so IMPORTANT?
Since 2000, regular operating expenses have doubled; Unfortunately, state funding is still less than a decade ago. Levy funds support community services such as:

  • Early literacy initiatives and the summer reading program
  • Technology training for adults
  • Enrichment and social activities for families
  • Aides for educators and book deliveries to students
  • Educational programs for all ages
  • Access to millions of free books, movies, music titles, games and much more

Losing levy funds would be catastrophic to current services.


Questions Answered

  • This is NOT a new levy. This is a renewal for an existing 1.5mil levy that is set to expire in 2020.
  • Ohio Revised Code (3375.17) currently restricts how our library may levy taxes. Since the library seeks revenue for general operations, a property tax is the only permissible type of levy.
  • The library has NOT received corporate donations in lieu of property tax for abatements granted by the county.
  • Books and other materials are NOT free and digital content often costs more per item than print material.
  • The library serves approximately 11,000 cardholders of all ages with 18 employees and memberships to several cooperatives that help us offer more resources for less money.
  • The library pays for utilities. We have electric, telecommunications, water, gas, refuse, recycling, etc. bills every month. In some cases, the library is even charged commercial rates which are higher than residential rates.
  • The library is a stand-alone entity that serves several communities in both Union and Madison county. We are not part of any county office, municipal office, public school district or larger library system and we do NOT receive operating funds from any of these entities.


Need more answers?

Go directly to the source! Contact Library Director Chris Long at 614-873-4912, ext. 123 or via email at clong@plaincitylib.org.