Friends of the Plain City Public Library

Thanks to the generosity and support of our communities, the Plain City Public Library has been able to conduct many of the services currently available. And with your help we will continue to provide material and programs for all ages. A number of our local businesses and civic organizations such as the Friends of the Plain City Public Library also provide much needed support. The Friends of the Plain City Public Library is a membership volunteer organization committed to helping the Library with service goals through fundraisers and event assistance. The Friends of the Library provide a fun and easy way for individuals to serve the library community. And becoming a Friend of the Library is simple! Just follow the link below to become a member. For individuals looking to be even more actively involved, the Friends hold monthly meetings at the Library to brainstorm new fundraising ideas and programs. Watch the Library’s event calendar for meeting times and dates.

Friends Membership


Gifts and Donations

Please consider a tax deductible donation that will benefit generations to come. The Plain City Public Library gladly welcomes a variety of donations including:

Monetary contributions
Memorial gifts
Items from the Library’s “wish list”
Adoption program donations

Contributions may be dropped off at the library anytime during regular operating hours. Due to storage space restrictions, the library is no longer accepting book and DVD donations.


The Plain City Public Library can always use a helping hand. There are a number of volunteer opportunities available for all ages and skills. The following is a list of current skill sets needed at the library:

Dusting and general cleaning
Cleaning movie and music discs
Garden project maintenance
Program preparation
Technology/computer skills

To begin volunteering at the Library, please complete our Volunteer Application.

The library welcomes adults looking to help the library on a long term basis, and students wishing to complete volunteer hours for school, scouts, or other civic requirements. Though staff will try to work with time restrictions and deadlines, the library cannot always guarantee work to meet last minute community service requirements.